Talent Acquisition

Agencies continue to struggle with a growing retirement eligible workforce and increased competition from the private sector and other federal agencies for mission critical talent. 

Our team has the federal talent acquisition expertise to attract the highest caliber of applicants, ensuring a highly qualified and diverse applicant pool.  We bring strong expertise in hiring and staffing functions, as well as in-depth knowledge of laws, regulations, executive orders, OPM policies, handbooks, and guidance documents, enabling our team to successfully support any federal organization.

Our recruiting and staffing services include:

  • Recruiters and human capital experts with expertise in developing and implementing recruitment and outreach strategies.
  • HR Specialists available to scale surge hiring requirements and execute end-to-end staffing, including
    • Develop and post job opportunity announcements
    • Develop job analyses
    • Conduct qualification analysis for eligibility determination
    • Create and issue certificates
    • Prepare delegated examination (DEU) and merit promotion (MP) case files
    • Implement hiring flexibilities
    • Develop final job offers
  • Campus recruiters to source and engage college students and recent graduates for agency internship programs.
  • Subject matter experts to provide classification and position management recommendations, including the development/update of position descriptions, appropriate pay system, title, and grade of positions, and the right alignment between positions and organization design.

CEC has built a solid reputation for executing high-volume hiring initiatives, providing HR specialists to expedite surge staffing needs. We have a proven reputation for quickly ramping up teams of DEU certified HR Specialists and all levels of HR Specialists to deliver HR Operations support.  Our HR Specialists ensure compliance with agency and OPM policies.

CEC can rapidly build a talent pipeline of qualified candidates to address the many challenges faced by all federal agencies, including pervasive skill gaps and the increase in retirement eligible employees across the government. In a 2022 study, satisfaction of hiring managers with the federal government’s talent pipeline worsened for most agencies, according to the Office of Management and Budget. (Federal Times, “Federal hiring managers increasingly dissatisfied with talent pipeline,” February 7, 2023).

CEC has a large team of experienced talent acquisition specialists, and the processes, technology, and reporting infrastructure needed to help organizations identify, recruit, and hire for all roles, including critical and challenging positions in technology, cybersecurity, AI, law enforcement, and others.

Recruiting Success

CEC provided HR support, including staffing and qualification determination, recruitment, sourcing and candidate outreach, job analysis, personnel security / adjudication, and candidate document review, making sure all processes were aligned with the client’s surge hiring requirements. We implemented an innovative Applicant Support Team comprised of federal HR consultants, including Personnel Security and HR Specialists, to quickly address questions from candidates about the hiring process, providing a high-touch “One-Stop-Shop” for candidates. Our recruiters sourced 4,000 – 6,000 candidates weekly to help fill critical roles at the agency with highly qualified candidates.