HR Learn

To address the HR skills gap faced by every HR organization, CEC created HR Learn, an online learning management platform with training courses specifically designed to improve the knowledge and core skills of federal HR professionals. With our extensive federal HR experience and comprehensive understanding and application of federal and OPM rules and regulations, we developed our HR courses to fill the training gap, enabling HR leaders to improve their team’s proficiencies and knowledge of critical areas in the HR lifecycle. HR Learn courses include:
  • Recruiting for Government: Talent Acquisition Basics
  • Basics of Classification
  • Leveraging Direct-Hire Authority
  • Intermediate Classification
  • The 1-Hour Position Description

“Our most experienced classifiers learned something new with the HR Learn course. We even ‘unlearned’ some of the mistakes our team had been making!” — Bruce V.

“HR Learn not only provides new skills but also teaches users to apply skills to their agency environment and adapt or change processes to fully leverage new knowledge and skills.”  — Wayne A.

Training can be costly, and conferences take employees away from the office, putting already resource-constrained departments behind. All HR Learn training is done online and is self-paced and tailored for every participant.

Courses can be purchased individually, or HR leaders can purchase cost-effective subscriptions with access to all the courses for their entire team. Organizations can use simplified acquisition procedures (Government Purchase Cards – GPCs) to purchase individual courses or subscriptions and remain within the allowable purchase threshold.

With HR Learn, professionals at any level can improve their skills in recruiting, hiring, and developing a mission-ready workforce.

Enhance your knowledge and skills or enable your entire HR team to improve their HR proficiencies. Learn more about HR Learn courses today!