An agency’s workforce is its most valued asset.  Our mission is to empower federal agencies to recruit and hire a high quality and diverse workforce with strong retention and employee engagement that will drive mission success.

Attracting top talent and retaining a high-quality workforce is a challenge across every agency and organization.  From workforce planning and data analytics, implementation of enhanced recruitment strategies and efficient HR operations, to improved HR leader and staff development and employee services, CEC helps our clients achieve their human capital goals, resulting in the attraction and retention of a world-class workforce.

The foundation of our clients’ success is our people — human capital leaders, human resource specialists, industrial and organizational psychologists, and other federal HR experts — who bring extensive experience across the spectrum of human capital management.   We work in collaboration with our clients to capture the critical talent needs of the agency and advise on proactive and creative approaches to talent acquisition and outreach, as well as engagement and retention strategies. We implement data-driven workforce planning initiatives based on workforce analyses and skill gap identification, enabling our team to effectively forecast and measure success in our recruitment and hiring efforts.

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