HR Operations

The human resource’s function plays a critical, yet often underestimated, role in helping agencies achieve their mission goals. CEC has an in-depth understanding of the entire HR lifecycle and can support Human Capital leaders across agencies in executing operations, implementing business process improvements, designing more customer-focused services, better leveraging data and technology, and revamping service delivery models, enabling agencies to transform the HR function.

Many agencies lack the talent, budget, systems, policies, and technology to meet the HR needs of their workforce. Strategic human capital management has been on the Government Accountability Office’s high-risk list for two decades and the GAO notes that agencies across government are struggling to address mission-critical skills gaps.


“The HR team assembled was excellent, highly skilled, and extremely professional. They worked diligently to assist my team with critical USA Staffing qualifications determinations and issuing certificates of eligibles.”

Our OPM Certified Delegated Examining HR leaders and DEU Certified HR Specialists have in-depth knowledge of highly specialized candidate and process requirements, as well as federal rules and regulations, and can provide support in any HR operational area, as well as provide HR staff augmentation for agencies.  

Instead of focusing solely on regulations compliance, our team can work with HR leaders to innovate and deliver positive outcomes to improve employee satisfaction with HR services. CEC can help guide agencies through the disruption and changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the changing needs of the workforce, including formulating new telework policies, and helping organizations suffering from talent loss and declining employee engagement to rebuild their workforce and improve satisfaction. 

CEC helps build strong HR capabilities, enabling agencies to anticipate talent needs, quickly hire mission-critical staff, build a diverse and inclusive workforce, and provide strong professional development opportunities.

HR Operations Success

A federal organization needed to hire 10,000 personnel to quickly ramp up for the busy fire season. CEC provided 23 hiring specialists, with 12 working as a ‘Tiger Team’ onsite in Albuquerque to support the changing needs of the client’s HR Service Center. We supported HR personnel in completing personnel security eligibility packages including: eQIP (electronic Questionnaires for Investigation Processing) Initiation Worksheet and Personal Data Form, SF-85P Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions, Disclosure and Authorization Pertaining to Consumer Reports Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Conditional Access to Sensitive but Unclassified Information forms, and Standard DHS Non-Disclosure Agreements. Our team successfully helped the federal organization hire qualified personnel and ramp up in geographic areas where critical support was needed.