Analytics and Technologies

Reporting & Data Analytics

Our team creates and generates reports as well as conducts data reviews and analysis across all recruitment, staffing, and placement activities.  We routinely provide weekly, monthly, and ad hoc reports of the status of activities as well as leadership reporting and executive-level inquiries. We customize our reports for various stakeholders, and we fully understand the necessity to be able to quickly respond to information requests and have available supporting documentation.

Our data interpretation and analysis are intended to provide accurate and valuable insights on the effectiveness and results of each project. Additionally, it is essential that our approach be proactive and flexible – if our data interpretation shows that a strategy or service area is not producing desired results, then we can redirect our efforts quickly to continue to meet performance metrics.

Our reporting, analyses, and interactive dashboards keep our clients aware of our performance and results at any point during the period of performance, as well as inform our management team so they can continually improve and enhance service outcomes for every client.


Our team has the technical skills to leverage key technologies to execute workforce planning development, including PowerBI, open-source data, surveys, pulse surveys, focus groups (for measurement and validation) and other solutions. We also have experience in business workflow diagram mapping using automated business process software tools, as well as using all the Microsoft Suite programs.

Our HR Specialists are also proficient in the use of the most widely used federal automated staffing and HR systems and are familiar with the technical steps of certificate issuance and candidate notification in these systems.

Assessment Tools

We encourage our clients to apply a set of assessment principles based on the purpose of the assessment (selection, placement, promotion, career counseling or training) and what needs to be measured. Our Specialists know that using assessment tools correctly reduces hiring decision errors and can reduce time and costs in narrowing down large applicant pools.

Our HR Specialists understand that all assessment tools used to make employment decisions are subject to legal and professional standards. We are familiar with OPM’s Assessment Decision Guide and use it to provide guidance to our customers to ensure that they are legally compliant and professionally acceptable. We are also familiar with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures which applies to all selection processes used to make employment decisions (including interviews, review of experience or education determined from applications, work samples, physical requirements, evaluation of performance, etc.).