Federal Recruiting: Is It Working?

It’s no secret that many Federal agencies struggle with recruiting candidates. Skills gaps and shortages of qualified applicants in mission critical positions such as cyber security and STEM positions are pushing some to ‘think outside the box’ when trying to recruit top talent the Federal sector. Good news, positive changes are taking shape — and […]

COVID-19 and Its Compounding Epidemic: Burnout

A 2016 study on employee burnout conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace show that out of 614 HR business leaders 95 percent of HR leaders agree that burnout affects employee retention. It may come as no surprise that those in HR can be some of the most stressed professionals in the workplace. You deal with […]

Employee Engagement: When Does It Start?

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to spend time with Brent Pearson, founder of Enboarder (and former Monster Government Solutions Managing Director) as he made his whirlwind tour through the US to talk with companies and federal agencies about the latest research in Employee Engagement and Onboarding. At an Enboarder and HRworx hosted […]